Welcome to Rosita's Treats

Offering authentic Colombian food. Everything from Empanadas, Arepas, Soups and specialty dishes.

Our empanadas and arepas are made with the traditional ground corn.

Our entire menu is GLUTEN FREE.

We hope you our wide variety of handmade food for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night snack.

Our New Online Ordering Page https://order.tbdine.com/pickup/43346

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 All you can eat of anything from our menu of current inventory for 6 days. We are closed on Monday. This is a savings of 20% off our entire menu


Drinks not included. 

Tax & Gratuity of 20% additional 

Valid for 6 consecutive business days. 

Valid for maximum 2 visits per day.

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We can fulfil any online order 7 days a week. Once you place your order, please select local delivery or pickup. Make sure you include your contact information and we will contact you to arrange the connection for you to get your tasty food!



Our empanadas are sold frozen for long term storage and shipping. We can ship anywhere in the State of Michigan with next day shipping!

Welcome from Rosandys

Rosandys' love of Cartagena food is obvious in her hand made treats. Her empanadas are sure to make you miss home after eating these treats. She learned how to make the empanadas from her mother Aida while growing up in Cartagena.

Rosandys started making empanada's while she was working as a professional singer in China many years ago. She had a large following of local and ex-pats that loved and missed their food from home.

Two cultures joined as one

What better way to enjoy your new life together than to build a business together doing something you love.... eating!

Patrick and Rosandys met in China in 2017. Rosandys had been in Asia for 18 years singing and was singing at a mexican restaurant in Shanghai when Patrick walked in.

Patrick, an engineer for 28 years, was traveling for work and visited Shanghai many times over 3 years. He was looking for some western food but found someone that changed his life forever.

They were recently married and are now enjoying life together.

Customer Review

"Let me be honest. I had never had an empanada like this. I bought it to support my friends.

...And then I fried these bad boys up and I was like, “Yum-O!” I just ordered my third pack of the ground beef. (I should probably branch out, but, ya know, don’t fix something that ain’t broke🤷🏻‍♀️)

I do deep fry them. I sprinkle on shredded cheese and dip in salsa and plain Greek yogurt"



Sarah from Shelby Twp.